The range of modalities offered at Wellness Studio can be specified while booking your appointment. The opportunity to discuss your specific needs prior to your session is directly encouraged. Each massage is customized at the time of service. It is our goal to clarify what level of pressure and specific areas that require addressing. It is at this point that we hone in on the best approach to provide the utmost in care and quality of touch to ease and unwind the tissue; together creating a more balanced healthful wellbeing.



The ancient path is a practice of walking meditation. It is a practice of  “circling the center” and opening to the illuminated journey. The Labyrinth has been used as a spiritual tool for over 4000 years. Come discover this beautiful self-alignment tool, nestled in the woods.  As your mind quiets and your heart opens, allow each step to bring you closer to the truth that awaits your keen listening.  You may discover it in the breeze. It may be revealed as you are surrounded by nature. A feather on the path may be your guide. The body in motion as a prayerful gesture winding and unwinding, moving through the mindfulness of each step. Your call to action, is to begin. To humbly yield, brings forward the necessary tools and signposts for the journey.

*Please call to reserve a walk or stop by and sign into our registry: a love donation is requested. We believe in the power of reciprocity. By opening to receive and acknowledging the exchange, gifts flow. WE GIVE BACK! All donations received are applied to our Mind Body Heart scholarship fund,
providing services to those in need of healing and body positive messages, through healthy touch.

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