Marianne Fink

Marianne is a discerning thinker who was called on a journey to seek deeper understanding. Her awareness of life and its mysteries led her on a path of self discovery. She was motivated by visceral impulses that she perceived in people, places, and things all around her. She began to trust the nudge of intuition. Inner guidance became the truest language and it would reveal its wisdom over time; providing clear direction for each step of her path. Her journeys led her to study in India, Mexico, and across the U.S. with many gifted teachers, healers, and thought leaders. Each journey revealed new possibilities, more inspiration, and the awareness that courage, an endowment of the heart, is humanity’s greatest achievement. The alignment of the Body, Mind, and Heart create the alchemy of integrity that leads to wholeness. It is from this space that she works as a healer and bodyworker.

The core of her massage practice has its roots in awareness. She listens intently to her clients, working with them to create a session that is deeply relaxing and transformative. Its very important to her to provide a level of care that incorporates the expectation of their experience as the primary aim. She asks questions that reveal the more subtle needs that are underlying, perhaps unspoken. By weaving in the two components, the session is elevated to that of a healing art, a shared synergy that is capable of dramatic shifts of consciousness and healing of body, mind, and spirit. She has been in practice on the Harmony Farm grounds for twenty years and feels the sacred natural beauty of the property provides a nurturing quality to each experience that is unique and powerful.

She encourages the cultivation of practices that support the light in each and every one of her relationships. The body centered practice of yoga was a core component in creating fundamental energetic changes in her own body, mind, and emotional landscape. Being humbled and reverent, she has guided many to seek their peace-within through this powerful practice. By moving through resistant or stuck areas within the body tissues, she experienced the reality of releasing long held body memories of trauma and fear. This insight gave her a glimpse of the true capacity for humanity to move into expanded ways of being by releasing old patterns of density. She committed to sharing this awareness in her work as a healer, teacher, and life coach. She has witnessed that with devotion, diligence, and time, amazing shifts happen.

Marianne has a deep belief in the wisdom of each person’s center of knowing. She supports her clients to live fully with a heart of compassion, to use their minds to facilitate their dreams, and trust the language of their bodies. By living her life embracing its wonders, appreciating its gifts, with a the knowledge of responsibility, it has become her life’s work to share the grace of knowing Whom and What she serves.

“When we bring our mind into our body, the body becomes mindful, and the mind becomes embodied.”

—Donna Farhi

November 12, 2016