Trish Losey

Trish knows that human touch is deep, soulful and healing.  It has the capacity to unlock our deepest layers of pain and trauma be it physical or emotional, and bring forth profound transformation.  It is the gentle weaving together of our being.  The ebb and flow of the dark and light of life can bring one to a state of imbalance which then becomes a part of our internal environment; affecting our physical, emotional and psychological body. It is in the honoring of our humanness and her own healing experience on the table so many years ago that has led Trish to dedicate her life to this work.  Bodywork, energy work, and creating healthy boundaries are acts of self-care that can shift your life and guide you into a place of joyful living.

With the deep belief that all of our experiences are held on a cellular level, those which are negative, abusive, traumatic, or exist in the denial of our own needs, can go on to create pain, imbalance and dis-ease within the body.  Eventually, a greater unconscious knowing will begin to awaken and the journey to seek true healing begins.  Trish has spent over a decade witnessing profound growth and healing and is humbled to have had such encounters with the amazing humans that show up on her table.  There is acknowledgement that she is simply a channel for such powerful experiences, not the creator of the healing.  The potential for this level of healing comes from the development of a trusted relationship between Trish and her client and the profound desire to heal. We are all deserving of an enriched life of health, wholeness and vitality.

Trish believes the most prolific and transformative healing begins on the inside. It is from a place of trust and intuitive listening to one’s body that guides her to assist release within the body; opening areas of congestion, be it physical or energetic, and create a process of surrender and renewal. The mindful application of touch through a pace which allows one to dissolve creates a response within the nervous system that provides a calming of the internal environment.  When we are calm on the inside, our energy and physical bodies respond in like; thus creating a greater state of yielding within the body to release and repattern. Depending on what is intuited within the session, many modalities are integrated and woven into treatment to provide the best results and a multi-dimensional healing experience.  Applications such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure and muscle specific work at varying pressures can assist in the body’s realignment and detoxification processes. The integration of the subtler work of craniosacral therapy and other energetic applications, while light in their physical delivery, have a deeply healing impact on the body and it’s restorative abilities.

Trish’s own healing journey began in 2001 on the very land she works on as a healer today.  Through yoga, bodywork, energy work, powerful spiritual teachers and the presence in her life of one of the most powerful Masters of her time, she has transformed her life from a place of deep woundedness and pain to empowering others in their own healing.  In 2005, she graduated from the Self Health Institute, SHI, and as a licensed professional has spent her career in massage therapy and bodywork at Harmony Farm.  In January of 2016, Trish opened Wellness Studio at Harmony Farm in co-ownership with her soul-sister and beautiful being that she encountered on the very first step of her healing. It is with humbling, heartlfelt honor that she invite you to take the first step toward your own healing and life enriching journey…

November 12, 2016